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Television Show Lead Host: Dr. Peter Martone with Guest Ivana Ustariz

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In 2010 Producer and Television Developer “Twinkle” Marie Manning sent out a casting call for several of her new television talk show creations.  The original Body, Mind & Spirit cast emerged as Megan Gilroy, Dr. Peter Martone, and Chew-Hoong Koh.  The filmed initial episodes in Lexington, MA with the assistance of Jeannette Kearny and LexMedia.   Once the show was established, Megan Gilroy presented TV for Your Soul’s Body, Mind & Spirit TV Show to the Marblehead community by hosting the launch of the pilot show in the autumn of 2011. The community embraced this TV for Your Soul production. Soon many transformational and whole wellness practitioners were requesting interviews.


Above pictured: Erin Burke, Nikolai Gilroy, Jamie Gilroy, Meghan Gilroy, Dr. Peter Martone,”Twinkle” Marie Manning, Carolena Presto, Orion Menchaca.


Above pictured: Elaine Wintman, Dr. Peter Martone, “Twinkle” Marie Manning, Carolena Presto, Meghan Gilroy

Featured Guests include:

Kevin Murray, Elaine Wintman, Dr. Christopher Kent, Linda Marks, Danisa Perry, Rita Rivera Fox, Bonnie Serratore.

TV for Your Soul recorded Body, Mind & Spirit interview with filmmaker Danisa Perry in front of a live studio audience:

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Dr. Peter Martone has a thriving wellness practice in Massachusetts. 

Megan Gilroy relocated to the White Mountains with her family.  Check in on all that is changing and growing in her world:

Pilot episodes were filmed on location in Lexington, MA with special guest host Chew-Hoong Koh:

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Chew-Hoong Koh, Law of Attraction Facilitator & Host on Empowering Women TV Boston Hub

See what Chew-Hoong and Empowering Women Teams in Boston and throughout the USA are up to: