Annual Festival


ENROLL SOON to Participate in our 2015 Festival/EXPO:

Festival Participant – Sole Practitioner (one person)
– $150 /annual  – if paid in full by September 25th, 2014

– $175 – for enrollments after September 25th, 2014

  • Includes Premium Member status (value of $60)
  • Opportunity to present a talk, seminar or workshop at Festival (limited time slots on a first signed, first scheduled basis)
  • Plus opportunity to become a contributor for our online community and print publications.

Festival Sponsor (small business or group)
– $225 / annual
Same benefits as Sole Practitioner


– Only Festival Participants at a minimum of Sole Practitioner level are granted the opportunity to give presentations or lead workshops at our Festivals. Limited number due to time constraints. Applications available on a first come, first serve basis, and slots are determined by the Festival committee.

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Quick Event FAQ

Q: Can I share My Table at the Festival?

A: Yes, but only one sole proprietor or business receives a membership and listing in the program.  Additional listings/memberships cost $60.


Q: How do I add someone else to my event contract?

A: Simply include them as a second sponsor, providing a second sheet of paper with all their information: Name, Business Name, Business Type, Address, Email, Cell Phone, Website and 45-word description of their business. And include the additional $60 in the check you make out for the event.


Q: I would like to present a mini-workshop or talk at the festival.  What length of time can it be?

A: Typically 20-30 minutes for a talk and 60 minutes for a mini-workshop.


Q: Do I have to be a sponsor to present at talk or workshop at the festival.

A: Yes.  In very few instances will we offer a waiver on this.


Q: Can I reserve my space to give a workshop or talk now, and pay for my sponsorship later?

A: No.  These spaces are given out on a first come first serve basis for paying sponsors. This simplifies things for all involved.


Q: Will you have a designated bookstore at the festival?

A: No.  Authors may display their books at their own tables.  Should we have several authors at the festival, we are happy to create a special “Author’s Page” on the website and place in program as well.


Q: Can I request where my table is at the festival.

A: We are happy to do our best to honor requests, but cannot make promises for pre-designated spots.  Please let us know what your needs and desires are and we will do our best to make certain you are placed in the most ideal location.  ie: if you are bringing a massage table in lieu of using a banquet table, let us know.


Q: Will table cloths be provided?

A: No.  Please bring a table covering and what best suits the image you wish to project to attendees about your business and decorate as you like.


If you have any additional questions, please let us know:


WE had such a fantastic time at Marblehead’s Body, Mind & Spirit Summer Festival & EXPO in 2012. Thank you to our amazing speakers, workshop leaders and sponsors.

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Check back soon for video excerpts from the event as well as more announcements about our June 2014 Festival!!

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